• Ramy Eidi Has Been The Guiding Force Behind Eidi Properties

  • Posted on July 17, 2015
  • Ramy Eidi has been the guiding force throughout Eidi Properties' existence. He was the one that founded the company and who has been the dominant force in building it for the last fifteen years. The company has gone from success to success, finding undervalued commercial real estate properties and then revitalizing them. This is a valuable service that the team at Eidi Properties has mastered in the last couple of years.

    Ramy Eidi is well known for his ability to find the diamond in the rough and then polish it for the market. Eidi Properties is now a well known commercial real estate player in the markets of Southwestern Ohio, Northwestern Ohio, and Southeastern Michigan. Regardless of the particular market conditions in play, Eidi Properties has proven it can provide value to revitalized properties.

    Eidi Properties has repeatedly expanded in order to meet a growing need in the markets it services. While it possessed only one commercial real estate property early on, it now lays claim to more than one-million square feet of commercial real estate property in its portfolio. Through the use of smart growth strategies, good management, and effective planning, Eidi Properties has grown into a major player in the real estate markets they are involved in.

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